Board games

My mental library of wisdom and fun

I love board games. I like the time I spend with other people having fun in front of a well designed challenge. I really like to be surrounded by colorful boxes.
Here I would like to spend a couple of words on the games I like a lot and the other games I have played but are not my favourites.
I will follow alphabetic order.

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7 Wonders
Great classic, good strategy draft based game. I like because the winner is not that clear until the very end.

7 Wonders Duel
Very nice 1v1 game, simple and effective. I do not get bored, and the Pantheon expansion adds much fun!

Arkham Horror
Long game, but very fun. If played with the right group it won't become ripetitive.

The simplicity of the mechanic of Azul makes the game very interesting to play. From that core, the Sintra sequel adds very nice improvements.

Betrayal at House on the Hill
One of my favourite games. The idea of the hidden traitor at half of the game is amazing and the stories are nice. Unfortunately, the luck factor has an impact when the traitor will be revealed.

This is a game for everyone, very competitive and always with the willing to shout "How can these 2 words be related!?"

Dead of Winter
Survive from a deadly winter collecting resources. Be aware from the zombies, they are dangerous. Everyone will cooperate in this. Or would they?

Is always fun playing this game, also trying to describe in a smart way the nice images.

The game who changes the rules. The mechanic is very simple, and every game is much fun! Timing is a big unknown.

Galloping pigs
Runnign pigs. What do you want more!? Only for alpha men.

Hanabi is that kind of game which can be played by anyone and everyone likes it. It is often in my pocket, just in case. I have a special feeling for this game.

Happy pigs
Happy pigs is a nice resource management game, where the luck factor is not impactful. You need to think differently from the other players.

Build your kingdom with the rules of domino. The spin-off Queendomino adds many more fun things like A DRAGON!

Innovation is one of the first games I bought. Also blindly because they were discounted. Very fun, but sometimes a little buggy.

Love letter
Love letter is a very cost effective game. Cheap, small and half hour of fast rounds. Did not like the premium edition though.

Magic maze
Game with 8 players, a lot of fun because you cannot talk!

Great cooperative game, very challenging. Much fun. State of emergency's vaccine is cool. Contagion is meh. Looking forward to try Legacy!

A good 1v1 game, trying to fit patches like tetris and learing how to optimize resources like buttons and time.

A reality show where you have to escape from a 5x5 complex of deadly rooms. Should you trust your companions?

Azul like game where we need to build the windows of the Sagrada Familia.

Space Alert
My first real time game. I have much fun at every game, but it needs much practice, cold blood and fast thinking.

Sub Terra
Cooperative game to exit from a unxplored and dangerous cave. Very nice, characters are cool and many good combinations are possible.

Shushy Go Party
Deafeat your opponets with makis and find the best sushi composition.

The builders: Middle ages
I blindly bought this game, because I wanted a small one to bring with me. Very nice, very simple and after a few years I like play it.

Ticket to ride
Very nice train management game. Fun even though I hate when others block my rails!

Nice game for fast and no brain engaging games.

Crazy game where you curse other players... for real! Play with your elbows together.. and the head on the table.. and not say the letter F!

Escape room like games. I am very amazed by the simplicity of the gameplay, and riddles are challenging.

Very cool game of resource management and placement. Good trivias concering birds, if you are interested.

Destroy waves of zombies with your weapons. Chainsaws, spells, pans, no problem!