My educational career

Here I resume my most recent educational career, especially focused on the university, i.e. what I am doing now.

PhD in Computer Science (Pisa)

Thesis supervision
(2022, Bachelor, ITA) Design and development of techniques handling NFTs in Web 3.0: A Decentraland implementation
(2022, Master, ENG) TOBE-LearneD: Compensating users' contributions in Federated Learning with Fungible Tokens
(2022, Bachelor, ENG) Privacy-preserving delivery with Self-Sovereign Identity - An implementation with Hyperledger Indy
(2022, Bachelor, ITA) Analysis of Ethereum ERC20 tokens' graphs
(2021, Bachelor, ITA) Studying Algorand blockchain porting the Cryptokitties DApp
(2021, Bachelor, ITA) Atomic Cross-chain Swaps for Recommender Systems
(2020, Bachelor, ITA) An explorative analysis of the Bitcoin Lightning Network
(2020, Bachelor, ITA) Atomic Swaps in decentralized recommender systems: An Ethereum implementation

Teaching assistance
(2022, Bachelor) Programming laboratory (Laboratorio II)
(2021, Master) Peer-to-Peer and Blockchains
(2020, Master) Peer-to-Peer and Blockchains
(2019, Bachelor) Computer Networks

Presentations and reports
(2022) PhD: 2nd year advancement, Layer-2 based approaches to preserve blockchain auditability, Slides
(2021) BRIGHT 2021 Toscana, (Pisa), Online scams, and Cryptocurrency, Posters ITA
(2021) Course: The involvement of cryptocurrency in online crimes, Report
(2021) Oral communication @ DLT 2021 Workshop, Compare Ethereum and EOS.IO DApps: A rating system benchmark
(2020) BRIGHT 2020 Toscana (virtual), Cryptovalute: La moneta digitale, Slides ITA
(2020) PhD Proposal: 1st year advancement, Designing Layer-2 based solutions to tackle the blockchain trilemma, Document; Slides
(2020) Course: Reinforcement Learning in Hanabi, Report
(2020) Course: Serverless computing: An overview, Slides
(2020) Course: Blockchain for Industry 4.0, Slides
(2020) Seminar: Blockchain interoperability: An overview, Slides
(2020) Oral communication @ DLT Ancona 2020 Workshop, A blockchain based recommendation system

(2021) Inteviews with researchers. Questions about their work, experience, and PhD story

Visions of Tomorrow
(2020) Cycle of seminars about hot topics in research

Master degree in Computer Science (Pisa)

Thesis: A smart contract based Recommender System
Design a smart contract for a transparent and immutable record-keeping of recommender system data.
Paper accepted at GECON 2019 - Leeds (Uk)

(2016-2017) - Counselor to 1st year bachelor students
(2019) - Assistant to the course of Algorithms, Bachelor degree

H.E.L.P - Home Environment Locating People, A simple indoor localization system based on wearable BLE tags, easily customizable through the dedicated Telegram Bot. Mobile and Cyber Physical Systems 2018 GitHub Link

COBrA - Fair COntent Trade on the BlockchAin, Full application exploiting Ethereum blockchain: Solidity backend and Javascript DApp, Peer to Peer Systems and Blockchains 2018, GitHub Link

ChatVRoom, Simple VR application where you can create and decorate your personal room and play in it, Virtual Reality 2018, GitHub Link

Conjugate Gradient for Singular Systems, Application of the Conjucate Gradient method for linear systems of the form ED^−1E'x=b where D is a diagonal matrix, and E is the edge-node adjacency matrix of a graph, Computational Mathematics for Learning and Data Analysis 2018, GitHub Link

Bachelor degree in Computer Science (Pisa)

Thesis: Peer Prediction and Selection - Approach based on Data Availability
Create and evaluate a strategy to choose a peer to assign the personal profile data of a user in a decentralized online social network.