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Shinzou wo Sasageyo

Stuff I like!


Ugo Filini
Damphir Cleric, Pathfinder II
In life, a sensible father, an average bank employee in Milan. Ugo comes back as a wight to solve the mystery of his death, and finally find peace. All the characters in this campaign are wights, with different backstories, but with the same goal.

Currently playing

Lashunta Solarian, Starfinder
Normal person until the power falls on him and becomes super strong!

Yannis Ores Leon Ortega, aka Yolo
Human Spellslinger, Pathfinder
Combine firearms and spells in a low magic steampunk world. Not optimized, but whatever, has killed the final boss.

Myself, Andrea Lisi
Human Ranger/Arcane Archer, Pathfinder
Myself, in a fantasy world. Which is ours! Died A LOT OF TIMES, but whatever, has killed the final boss.

Fratley Highwind
Half-Elf Fighter, Pathfinder
Lightweight warrior focused on polearm.

Elf ranger, D&D 4th
My first character ever. Classic elf ranger, but fun to play. Last PG of the party to have never died until the total party wipeout.

Blokko Lapis
Human fighter eldritch knight, D&D 5th
Scholar fighter, exploring the world to fill up his book of knowledger.

Adam Cuddlestone
Human Rouge Arcane Trickster, D&D 5th
Indiana Jones like character. Interested in old stuff and no problem to take it.


Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
Don Rosa storyelling of Scrooge McDuck, based on the stories of Carl Barks. With the help of my brother I have made a drawing on a 2 and half meter long wood panel represeting Scrooge's life, based on the Don Rosa's book.



Sauna comes from Finland, and it is a big part of the finnish culture. Before going to Finland, I could not resist long in a sauna. But now, after training, I enjoy sauna very much. Especially when you alternate very hot sauna with a bath in cold water.

Sompasauna Sompasauna, sauna heated with woodes stoves, Helsinki (Finland)

Sompasauna Kuusijärvi, traditional finnish smoke sauna, Vantaa (Finland)